Coach Dillard
Post Grad Head Coach

My mission as coach is to prepare young men for the next stage of life on and off the basketball court. I will always stress to push each kid to be a better version of themselves day in and out. The key to assuring we max out the full potential of each of our players is by making sure we put them in the best situation to succeed.

With coaching post grad we have 3 main focal points, skill, physical & mental development, ensuring proper exposure, and being able to place kids in college after their time with us.

Coaching achievements
  • 4x Championship Coaching

  • Helped place over 100 kids in college

  • Helped assist over 20 kids find Prep school programs

  • Footwork Guru

  • Skill Builder & Developer

  • Master of the Elements

  • The point guard whisperer

Who is Coach Dillard?
  • Mentor

  • Master of the Elements

  • HC Potter’s House Prep of Jacksonville

  • Director of Diamond in the Rough Showcase & Recruiting

  • Basketball Consultant

  • Leader of the New School

  • Voice of the Youth & Underdog Podcaster