Coach Billy Barnwell
Junior Varsity Head

Billy Barnwell is a seeker. He is a professional basketball trainer with more than 20+ years of training experience. He has trained every level from Overseas millionaires to absolute beginners. He is currently a club coach for the world-famous River City Hoops and helps oversee the culture and skill development for the entire program. He uses his methods to enhance every aspect of the lives he touches.

Billy’s biggest attribute is his desire to expand his own knowledge base every single day. He lives off of positive energy and creativity. His favorite quote is “Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein. His personal pursuit is one that allows for everyone to use basketball as an outlet for joy, for development, for competition, social unity, and for personal validation. He knows that no matter what reason YOU want to play, teach, learn, or practice the game Billy believes that reason is POWERFUL because it’s yours. That individual choice is something to be nurtured and honored in the biggest way.